Welcome to the homepage of WildStar Fan Holland (WSFH)

What is WSFH?

WSFH, Wildstar Fan Holland, was founded on December 6. 2001 by Mod. This Yamaha Star-motorcycleclub is nothing else than a group of aproximatly 150 friendly enthousiasts from Holland, and even Belgium, who like to drive their Wildstar, Royal Star, Drag Star, Midnight Star or Warrior. Also our spouse are regularily participating in our rides and other events.

The XV1600 WildStar is best represented in our club, beside the more and more Midnight Stars who are joining us.

 “Freedom and Happiness” is our motto. Despite this Free and Happy mentality, with which we became a great club, the board is contstantly trying to run it as a clear and disciplined organisation, in wich members feel safe and respected. The aim of WSFH is, next to having a lot of fun and sharing a fantastic hobby, to give Star Riders the opportunity to meet each other during rally's, ride-outs and club activities, also from our European Star-Brothers, and virtually via our website, our forum and on Facebook.

Beside that we want driving Star motorcycles to be a nice and safe hobby wich everyone should be able to enjoy by driving responsibly. We also take importance in promoting good, civilized and respectfull behaviour during our ride-outs, and to support various charitys.

WSFH is a very active club with annually many activities and meetings; check out our calendar. But, WSFH is most of all a close club of friends, who help each other with repairs, bike-building as well as in our personal lives, and can waffle for hours about our bikes. Whatever you're background is or where your crib's at is not important to us. What counts is brotherhood and our mutual hobby...our STAR- Bikes.

If you want to join our club, please contact one of the contacts on our contact page. You are also very welcome to leave a message in our guestbook.